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The Aleph Bet Kids

Discover the joy of Hebrew & Jewish values through storytelling

Hebrew Activities for Teachers

Each week I post many fun Hebrew activities for teachers that correspond with a Hebrew letter. Kids will enjoy these lesson planned ideas that help to enhance learning. Here is an example:

Understanding the letter ALEPH

The students will learn the value of silence.

Activity 1 - Find a Friend

First, print a single Hebrew Vowel on card stock paper using the pictures in my book Aleph Finds Her Voice.

Make them large enough to be able to hang around the child's neck and appear on their chest like Aleph.

Next, put the Hebrew letter Aleph on card stock paper using the pictures in my book.

Then, have each child, wearing one of the vowels or Aleph, say the sound they are wearing.

Finally, have each classmate walk up to another classmate and then call out their combine sound.

Have them switch and find a new friend.

Activity 2 - Charades

Each child will receive a word associated with the holiday Yom Kippur (ex. praying, flowers, walking, etc.)

They will then take turns trying to have their classmates guess the word they received.

The only restriction is that the child on stage with the word must be silent.

Activity 3 - 5 Minutes' Peace

Each child will sit without speaking. If a child talks then they are out of the game. This game shall last no more than five minutes. Young children find this very difficult.

There is a great story called Five Minutes' Peace by Jill Murphy that is great to read along with this activity.

Interested in more fun activities for kids or have any questions?

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